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Instant Cash Advance Online Payday Loan -Bodrumnovaaparthotel.Com Loans 4 Frequently Asked Questions about payday loans

4 Frequently Asked Questions about payday loans


Payday loans are loans that are sought after by many people today.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who ask questions when applying for loans. These are 4 questions that are often raised when submitting a payday loan.

The ease and speed of being a reliable service for fintech financial institutions in offering loan services to the wider community. No doubt, many people are enthusiastic about applying for payday loans at this fintech financial institution.

As a loan service provider, often interacts with customers and finds several questions about submitting payday loans. Well, here are 4 questions that customers often ask about submitting payday loans. Check out the answer, so you are no longer confused when applying for a loan at !

1. What are the requirements for applying for a loan?

At present, offers loan services to customers with easy terms, namely 20-60 years old and has a steady income. In addition, does not ask for other requirements except the ID card number and personal account used to transfer funds.

As for submission, you can simply fill out the loan application form via the website or through the application on the cellphone. The trick, download and install the application on Google Play, then register and fill in the submission form with your complete data and submit.

2. What after filing, I was immediately called?

will immediately call you shortly after the loan proposal is received. This phone is done to verify the data that you have previously filled in the loan application form.

If you have not received a call from after submitting the loan form, it might be the telephone number you specified is wrong so cannot contact you to verify the data.

Therefore, make sure you re-write the telephone number correctly. Besides that, don’t let your phone die or be busy so can’t contact you directly.

3. How do I know if the loan is approved?

After your loan is approved, will immediately send notifications to you via sms and email. This SMS and e-mail also contains information about the next steps you have to do so that the money is immediately transferred to your account.

Make sure you write down the telephone number and email correctly so that you don’t skip this notification. But if you don’t get any notice from after applying for a loan, please contact our customer service and ask for help.

4. Can I apply for a loan again if the previous loan has been repaid?

is grateful for your trust in using our loan service and has paid it off on time. Of course, is happy to give you new loans with a faster and easier process. Because you no longer need to fill in the submission form. 

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