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Guide to payday loan for weddings

This article is dedicated to the payday loan for wedding , a service for young people who want to get married, but who do not have the necessary amount to cover all expenses related to marriage: these are fast and convenient packages, with a very long and light installment plan. a rather low interest rate, which in recent years have achieved an ever greater success.

Organizing a wedding, in fact, involves a long series of expenses, both to book the ceremony, to set up the reception and to buy clothes and accessories, as well as to pay for all those services, such as entertainment, photographs, hairdresser and The trick: the total amount to get married in style can amount to several tens of thousands of euros, a figure often inaccessible for young people, despite the help of families.

For this reason, Banks and Credit Institutes have created a series of loans dedicated to this special day: in the next paragraphs, therefore, we will explain how the payday loan for wedding works, who can access it and what are the main characteristics.

What is a payday loan for wedding?

As we said, the payday loan for wedding is a loan aimed at covering all expenses related to marriage, but which, however, falls within personal loans , for which there is no need to produce any documentation related to the use of the sum, which can be managed independently, once credited to the current account.

These loans, in general, allow to obtain even large amounts, even up to 60,000 euros, paid in a single solution and repayable through a very light installment plan, diluted in long times, which can reach even five or ten years .

The interest rate, in most cases, is fixed, and incidental expenses are quite low, while the required guarantees are those commonly required to request a personal loan, although, depending on the circumstances, it is preferable to also involve the family members, in order to obtain more favorable conditions.

Payday loan for weddings: what guarantees do they serve?

The payday loan for wedding , therefore, falls within the personal loans and, for this reason, to access it must be reliable from the credit point of view and prove to have sufficient income to meet the monthly installments, presenting the following guarantees:

  • paycheck (for fixed-term or permanent workers);
  • tax return (for freelancers and self-employed workers);
  • pension slip;
  • valid identity document;
  • valid residence permit (for non-Italian customers).

For young people who do not have a fixed job, it is sometimes appropriate to involve family members in the negotiation: just think that there are specific packages for relatives who intend to contribute to the costs, as we will see later.

Payday loan for wedding: features

As we said, the payday loan for wedding presents characteristics, in general, rather comfortable and favorable: the amount payable is quite substantial, for a maximum of 60,000 euros , while parameters such as the duration and the amount of monthly installments are established during the contracting phase.

In fact, it is possible to choose rapid solutions – especially for small sums – or long loans, which can last even 5 0 10 years , depending on your needs: in this case, of course, the amount to be paid monthly will be much smaller (even less than 100 euros!).

The amount, however, is paid in a single solution, directly on the current account or, should the customer prefer, through a personal check, in generally rather short times, especially if the request is made through the online procedure.

Payday loan for wedding: Which expenses do you cover?

The packages dedicated to the wedding serve, in fact, to cover all expenses related to the organization of the ceremony and reception, which include:

  • reservation of the ceremony;
  • installation of the church;
  • organization of the reception;
  • purchase of clothes and accessories;
  • photographer, musicians, make-up, hairdresser;
  • honeymoon .

However, since this is a non-finalized loan, it is possible to manage the sum in total autonomy, without showing or receiving, or estimates.

The benefits of the payday loan for wedding

The payday loan for wedding offers a great help to young couples and families, allowing them to organize the ceremony in full serenity, coping with all expenses, expected and unexpected.

Moreover, thanks to the fixed interest rate , it is possible to forecast in advance the amount of the loan and its duration, which can be diluted even over very long periods, depending on the customer’s preferences; some services, moreover, are particularly flexible and convenient, and allow you to skip or reduce one or more installments, in order to live more easily the repayment phase.

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