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Payday loan to get fast cash

Payday loan – conditions

One of the main advantages of Payday loans is the speed of data processing. The conditions for issuing such a loan are as follows:

  • application is reviewed within one hour;
  • for registration, you need to submit two documents: a Russian passport and any other document that can confirm personal data;
  • age limits of the applicant within 21-65 years;
  • there are no loan issuance fees;
  • loan amount varies from 20 to 50 thousand. Issued for up to one year;
  • the applicant does not need to provide collateral or attract guarantors;
  • early repayment of loan commitments also costs without fees;
  • Life and health insurance is not required.

Online application for a quick loan

For faster consideration of the application, you can submit it online. This will significantly speed up the process and eliminate the need to stand in lines and waste time on the road.

Consideration of online application takes a short time. If the application is satisfied, a corresponding notification will be sent to the specified phone. Further, the applicant may apply to the nearest branch of , where the contract will be signed, and cash will be handed out. As a result, a quick loan is usually issued on the same day when you apply online.

It should be understood that in filling out the online application, the correctness of the specified data becomes an important point. All of them will be checked and in case of an error there will be a reason for refusal.

Payday loan for individual entrepreneurs

A quick cash loan for individual entrepreneurs is issued under a special program:

  • The size of the payday loan starts from the minimum 70 thousand and ends with a million maximum;
  • there is no collateral either;
  • quick loan is issued for a period of six months to 5 years.

An application for such a loan is considered within three days. It will also require the experience of an individual entrepreneur as a legal entity for at least one year. The bank checks all the data provided by the IP, and then makes a decision on cash lending. As in the case of payday loans for individuals, repayment is carried out in equal payments. Perhaps early coverage of credit obligations.

Interest rate

The interest rate on payday loans will be beneficial for those who are looking for a fast loan. For individuals, the percentage ranges from 23.5% to 64.5%. The difference is significant, and in order to get a loan quickly at the minimum rate you will have to not only prove your solvency, but also provide a positive credit history.

Documents on income does not necessarily require, but its presence will not be superfluous. Many borrowers note the benefits of the proposed interest rate on an payday loan. In comparison with the offers of other banks, it often turns out that consumer credit on standard terms has a higher percentage. For individual entrepreneurs, the interest rate remains at a similar level, which is an advantage of in terms of lending.

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