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Peer-to-peer loan platform for companies

Loans and Investments

Loans and Investments

Getting a loan is often not so simple, mainly because of the excess of paperwork that exists. Currently, a credit model has been gaining more and more followers: the Peer to Peer. In this model, investors and companies that want to become borrowers are easily connected. MeritFinance facilitates this connection and provides credit to all who meet the necessary requirements.

In Brazil, micro and small companies are the fastest growing. Currently, there are already more than 10 million CNPJs active in the country. Not all these companies can make loans. The main purpose of MeritFinance is to give opportunity to those companies that want to expand their business. With the expansion of these new credit models, companies are much easier to raise their profits and investments.

Having a platform that allows you to carry out all transactions online, whether to get credit or to become an investor, is totally innovative for the financial market. Many new companies need help to consolidate themselves in the market, and this aid often comes from borrowing. Some institutions provide all the information on applied interest rates and amount of months that the loan should be paid. In MeritFinance you will find all the information you need.

What is a peer to peer loan?

What is a peer to peer loan?

The peer-to-peer (P2P) or peer-to-peer loan, also known as a collective loan, is nothing more than a loan that connects the borrower directly with your investor, facilitating all steps of the process without red tape. The borrower is able to express to investors clearly about the benefits of their project and, if funded, receives the money directly into the account.

In peer to peer credit, there are no middlemen. The entire process is done directly between the investor and the borrower. It is more common nowadays to take credit of this model by entrepreneurs seeking diverse ways to make their business model turn into success, but some platforms also work with P2P loan for individuals.

How does MeritFinance work?

How does MeritFinance work?

The process for applying for a peer to peer loan is very easy and quick as everything happens online. They are basically 4 steps that must be followed. Follow:

  • Loan application: at this stage, the company visits the platform and requests the loan you want;
  • Credit Approval Phase: The credit request is submitted to the proprietary credit model. If by chance it is approved, it is directed to investors;
  • Record of interest: investors who are interested in investing in this business model must record all information regarding the amounts they wish to invest in the chosen financing;
  • Approval: If the loan proposal is accepted and the two parties enter into an agreement, the company receives the loan and the investors receive their repayments monthly with the appropriate interest rates.

How did MeritFinance come about?

MeritFinance emerged to innovate the financial credit market, facilitating the connection between investors and borrowers. The objective is to facilitate the taking of credit by micro and small enterprises, responsible for about 27% of GDP and 52% of the wage bill.

What is the interest rate on Tutu Digital?

If you are looking for peer to peer loan options, in MeritFinance you will find one of the lowest interest rates on the market.

Interest rates are three times lower than that of the market compared to banks and factoring : from 1.9% per month.

How to do loan simulation MeritFinance?

How to do loan simulation MeritFinance?

On the MeritFinance site, it is not yet possible to make a credit simulation, but you can fill in the registration on the website to know more information about the credit you want to get.

This registration is very simple and quick to fill. You will have to provide information about the company that wants the credit and enter into what they call the waiting list. Before long, you should get a contact from the platform with more information.

Advantages of P2P Loan and Investment

Advantages of P2P Loan and Investment

Because it is a brand new credit model, many companies do not know it yet. There are several benefits you will get when you apply for credit or finance in the peer to peer model.

Here are the main benefits of investing or requesting a loan of this type:

Advantages of the loan

  • Interest rates 3 times lower than those practiced in the market: from 1.9% am;
  • Reduced bureaucratic processes: hiring is done online;
  • There is no need to offer a security right;
  • The analysis of the information of the borrower is effective and very fast;
  • The applicant finds complete transparency of the information on the hiring.

Advantages of the investment

  • The return on investment is almost 4 times higher than the market, and can reach up to 200% per year;
  • With only R $ 1,000, you can invest in different companies and portfolios;
  • Hiring done online and without bureaucracy;
  • Receipt of all investment monthly;
  • Totally sophisticated proprietary credit model.

Is Tutu Digital reliable?

Yes, like any personal or collaborative loan, it uses the most modern data protection technologies available, and is a company incorporated and recognized in the financial system as innovative and eligible to take a loan or invest in the platform.

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